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Tea... A fresh morning needs it with the crispy newspaper. It goes without saying that when you are meeting with your friends, tea is a must. Tea recharges tired souls. It introduces you to new people and people to you. Its affection creates a bond between people.

We not just want but desire tea on many occasions. Have it scorching heat or freezing cold, tea is an essential requirement in every season. What if this all-season tea is harmless and savours the quality as well as the strong taste? The answer lies right here at Salgar Amrutatulya Tea. Its fresh quality, unforgettable taste and hygiene make it the number one choice of tea lovers. We know how your every occasion and discussion starts and end with tea, we strive to maintain Salgar Tea’s quality and taste.

As the taste serves remarkably strong, the journey of Salgar Amrutatulya Tea is rather interesting. Dadu Salgar belongs to the family of farmers. He began from scratch and his journey till the Salgar Amrutatulya feels dreamy. His journey took a turn with a single sugarcane juice centre and crossed over the seven sugarcane juice centres. It took a great leap with Salgar Amrutatulya Tea, doubtlessly the best tea shop in Maharashtra, and going on ahead endlessly.

The visionary approach is necessary for the continuous development of any business. Along with this approach, Dadu Salgar has adapted the modern attitude, a combination of which reflects on the success of Salgar Amrutatulya. His experimentations go beyond the conventional way of tea making. He blends the modern ways with the changing tastes and lifestyles of generations. Salgar Amrutatulya is the first choice of youngsters and for their love, Salgar Amrutatulya has introduced Ice Tea as well.
Well-set in Maharashtra and Karnataka, Salagar Amrutatulya Tea is now ready to capture the hearts of all Indians.

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To be the most favourite neighbourhood tea coffee shop in India.


Our Mission is to bring to our customers the best quality products with safety, innovation, value and service.We serve customers with pride and work with passion to deliver the brand promise.